Before the start of the film, we get a writeup pointing out that the makers have taken The Mahabharata and Kalidas’ play Abhijnanashakuntalam as the idea of the movie. Shakuntala, as we recognize, turned into the affection baby of sage Vishwamitra and the apsara Menaka. She became delivered up in the ashram of rishi Kanav, and grows up to be a comely but harmless maiden. Once, king Dushyant of the Puru dynasty wanders into their ashram and the duo fall madly in love with each different. She and Dushyant cross for a Gandharva vivah, changing garlands inside the presence of nature and animals and consummate their relationship. Dushyanta goes again to his palace however guarantees to deal with her as his lawful spouse. He offers a hoop to her as a symbol of his love. When a pregnant Shakuntala is going searching for her husband, he doesn’t recall her, thanks to a curse by using rishi Durvasa. She had left out Durvasa while he had come to her ashram, and he cursed her that her lover might overlook all approximately her. Later, the rishi diluted the curse by means of pronouncing Dushyanta might regain his memory of her upon seeing his ring. However, she loses the ring whilst touring, main to a great deal false impression , struggling and ache. The lovers do get united after an opening of years and their son, Bharat, laid the muse of current India.

The film opens like a Disney film. A stork is proven flying a crying infant swaddled in fabric. The baby is followed with the aid of rishi Kanav (Sachin Khedekar) and grows as much as a beautiful maiden named Shakuntala (Samantha Ruth Prabhu). Samantha is sort of a Disney princess. The small and large animals of the wooded area adore her and even the flora and timber talk along with her of their personal way. She’s completely smitten via King Dushyant (Dev Mohan), while he barges into her idyllic international. Everything is hunky dory, until she’s cursed by Durvasa (Mohan Babu). She undergoes plenty of hardships earlier than the happy ending takes location. Dev Mohan additionally gets a risk to flex his muscular tissues in between and fights droves of Asurs, assisting his friend king of gods Indra (Jisshu Sen Gupta), wipe out the demons.

Gunashekar is a ready sufficient director to be able to’t parent out why he’s hooked up the film as a play. The immoderate gestures, the bombastic speak and the pointless melodrama doesn’t do justice to a story of thwarted love. The narration is so over the top which you unintentionally snicker at the court cases. For Hindi viewers, the atrocious translation from Telugu further plays spoilsport. The track lyrics, in particular, get completely lost in the translation. The standard effect of the film diminishes because of the above reasons. The film’s rendering of animals and birds is pinnacle magnificence in some frames and dips under par in some.

Instead of going for a dubbed model, the director ought to have released the movie all over India with subtitles. At least then the singularity of the film wouldn’t have been trifled with. The present strive seems too archaic and stilted. And there is a loss of chemistry between Samantha and Dev Mohan. That in addition erodes the movie’s enchantment. Samantha gamely attempts to carry gravitas to the movie. She appears airy as Shakuntala but even her grace and beauty aren’t sufficient to raise the movie. The most endearing quantities of the movie take region while Allu Arha, Allu Arjun’s younger daughter, comes on display. She plays young Bharat and her interactions with Dev Mohan and Samantha deliver the film alive.