Hours after Russia accused Ukraine of attacking the Kremlin, Russian President Vladimir Putin has been shifted to a bunker at his house in Novo-Ogaryovo close to Moscow, Kremlin’s spokesperson Dmitry Peskov told news company RIA Novosti.

According to Peskov, Putin changed into at his Novo-Ogaryovo residence out of doors of Moscow on the time. He changed into no longer inside the Kremlin on the time.There was no free check of the revealed attack at the Kremlin, which Russia government stated happened out of the blue however introduced no proof to help it. Additionally, it become wondered why films of the incident surfaced so past due within the day and why the Kremlin took see you later to record it.

A video published in a single day from the Kremlin on a local Moscow information Telegram channel regarded to show smoke rising over the buildings.

Text accompanying the photos claims that round 2:30 a.M., citizens of a close-by condo constructing heard bangs and saw smoke. The Kremlin claims that Russian security forces stopped the drones before they may strike.The Kremlin claimed that it had shot down two Ukrainian drones and accused Kyiv of attempting to assassinate Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday, stated news organization AP. “Two unmanned automobiles have been geared toward the Kremlin… The gadgets had been put out of movement,” the Kremlin stated in a announcement, calling the operation “a planned terrorist act and an attempt at the life of the President of the Russian Federation.”
The Kremlin stated that President Vladimir Putin became secure and persevered to paintings together with his agenda unchanged.
The alleged attempt at an attack was referred to as a “terrorist act” through the Kremlin, which claimed that Russian security forces disabled the drones earlier than they might strike, consistent with AP.
It said that there had been no casualties in a statement that changed into carried via Russian country-run information organizations.
The Kremlin went on to say that President Putin become safe and that he turned into operating as common.
The declaration, in step with Tass, said that the Kremlin taken into consideration the development to be a deliberate strive on Putin’s life in advance of Russia’s Victory Day on May nine.
However, Ukraine stated that it had “not anything to do” with the alleged drone attack at the Kremlin, which Moscow characterized as an strive by Ukraine to kill Putin.
Mykhailo Podolyak, the spokesperson for the Ukrainian president, stated, “Ukraine has not anything to do with drone attacks at the Kremlin.” “First and main, attacking the Kremlin does no longer accomplish any military objectives,” he delivered, quoted with the aid of AFP.