What have been the demanding situations whilst you took over the enterprise after your dad Gulshan Kumar’s death?
The challenges have been large. I became simplest 19. I had 0 enjoy approximately the enterprise. People had been now not confident about me. My father changed into the mind in the back of T-Series. It become difficult for me to get into the footwear of someone, who was an all-rounder, a one-guy military. At that point, we had been simplest a tune label. Music was no longer only the source of sales for producers however it became the main tool to sell the movie. My father changed into called the promotion genius. The way he used to marketplace the cassettes, they have been heard in every corner of the arena. My good dating with manufacturers helped me gather track rights of numerous movies. I’ve inherited a satisfactory ear for tune from my father. I produced the album Deewana, which changed into a large hit. T-Series started out doing remixes. Next have been devotional songs with Jagjit Singh, Lata Mangeshkar and Pankaj Udhas. We additionally did Punjabi Pop and made motion pictures with Hans Raj Hans, Babu Maan and Harjit Harman. I produced my first Punjabi film, Jee Aayan Nu, in a 3-crore price range. Before that Punjabi films didn’t cross beyond 20 to 30 lakhs. Then on Punjabi films have become huge.

While green-lighting a task, what do you search for?
Earlier, I didn’t have a nose for scripts. It was only about the big name. I heard only a one-line script of Bhool Bhulaiyaa. Akshay Kumar changed into in call for. So I gave a nod. I didn’t pay attention the script of Ready. But Salman Khan turned into prepared to do it. So we did it. I usually wanted to make the sequel of Aashiqui. I convinced Mahesh Bhatt saab saying the emblem belonged to my father and him. Aashiqui 2 changed into incredible successful. Our expertise of scripts grew. Bhoothnath additionally worked. Today, I understand the really worth of an amazing performer and accurate content material.So is content the celeb today?
Today content is most crucial. If you have got suitable content material, even stars need to be related to the undertaking. I don’t blame superstars but they take the lion’s proportion. You earn greater from a task with new stars than with superstars.
As a studio, I stability this. I’m doing movies with stars as well as the ones films, which provide me a good margin of profits. I made extra money from Kartik Aaryan’s Pati Patni Aur Woh than from Bharat.

As a producer, what are your key worries?
What’s essential is the script. A proper script wishes good actors, who can do justice to it.
I in no way greenlight a script if my creative group isn’t always satisfied approximately it. Also, we haven’t confined ourselves to any particular style. We’re no longer playing various game that we ought to do 20 films in a 12 months. Neither are we a public restrained business enterprise, which has to take care of belief to boom proportion price. I study the commercial enterprise facet of the script as properly. If the film seems profitable most effective then do I get into it. Many comply with their ardour however I blend passion with business.

What do you look for in your director?
I take a look at his beyond paintings. I gauge his sensibilities even though his beyond films many no longer have worked at the container-office. I don’t decide a director from his closing hit or flop. I decide from the first-class of his paintings. With regards to a brand new director, I examine the way he narrates the situation, the way he designs the scenes and his detailing.

Are you concerned creatively as properly?
My involvement is restrained to handiest listening to the script. After that if I agree with my director and
don’t disturb the manner. I get completely involved within the song of the movie. If it’s an action film, I take a look at if it’s searching sharp. Action should no longer appear dheela.How does it sense to be No.1 in the sport?
I don’t just like the time period ‘No. 1’. It has a touch of ego. I like the term ‘main manufacturing business enterprise’ as a substitute. I love my paintings. My father desired T-collection to be an entertainment organisation and no longer just a track employer. That have become my aim. In the beyond 19 years, I just targeting the song label. Today we’re primary on YouTube. Now, T-collection has ventured into South music. We’re doing nicely in Punjabi tune too. We have an evergreen catalogue of devotional tune. It was my father’s dream to get into films. Today each massive manufacturer is running with us.

What are the Achievements you’re proud of?
Actually, I don’t depend my achievements. Recently, T-Series became the No. 1 YouTube channel in the global. I didn’t take it significantly until I went abroad and met numerous global personalities, who congratulated me about this. More currently, I was listed among the yr’s pinnacle newsmakers through a prestigious media employer. I realised how huge it turned into. People take years to attain wherein we have as a studio. My crew did it in years.

In a world of excessive stakes how a lot do you guess on relationships?
Here nobody is a friend or an enemy. Everyone is self-focused, that’s proper in a way. But I accept as true with in relationships. When a person, who has numerous options, nevertheless chooses to paintings with me, it means the connection matters. I usually try and do excellent for humans. I assist human beings after they want me. I don’t hold grudges against all people. I don’t have an ego. If someone is
disillusioned with me, I’ve no qualms pronouncing sorry.