Nature as opposed to nurture debate has interested scientific minds for a long time. Dr Roy (Murali Sharma), desires to show the idea that nurture always trumps nature and to achieve this he separates two sets of same twins who have been set up for adoption. The first pair of boys is followed with the aid of a circus owner and are named Roy and Joy in honour of the coolest samaritans who run the orphanage. Strangely, the alternative couple who adopts the following set too names them Roy and Joy for the equal cause.

Roy (Ranveer Singh) and Joy (Varun Sharma) now run their father’s circus in Ooty. Roy is married to Mala (Pooja Hegde), who writes thriller novels below a pseudonym. The other pair are raised in Bangalore by using a wealthy businesswoman. This Roy has a female friend referred to as Bindu (Jacqueline Fernandez), whose rich father Rai sahab (Sanjay Mishra) and his secretary Prem (Anil Charanjeett) are always spying on them. A psychic connection exists among the 2 Roys. The circus performer has the capacity to deal with stay strength with out getting harmed. Whenever the contemporary flows thru the Ooty Roy, the Bangalore Roy feels the shock. Dr Roy has been monitoring both units of twins for the remaining 30 years and acts because the movie’s narrator.

Siddhartha Jadhav performs Momo, a thief with sidekicks known as Mango and Chikki. Momo’s boss is Polson, performed with the aid of Johnny Lever. Momo and corporation need to rob the Bangalore Roy and Joy as they were visible wearing a number of money. They have come to Ooty to shop for a tea estate and what follows is a case of incorrect identities as the two pairs are incorrect for every other.

The film’s message, that orphans too deserve a loving home, has been misplaced someplace in this inaccurate comedy. It’s stimulated by using both Shakeseare’s The Comedy Of Errors and Gulzar’s Angoor (1982) and does justice to neither. Director Rohit Shetty has made a few bizarre alternatives. Both sets of Roy and Joy are as bland as they arrive. There’s one physical gag, that of the Bangalore Roy feeling shock whilst his Ooty dual touches a livewire but after some time it loses novelty. The different comic tool is Sanjay Mishra being made to deliver communicate like inventory comic villains. The Ajitesque talk doesn’t healthy his personality. He gamely spouts one cheesy line after some other but this too loses steam after some time. And you may’t assume Sanjay Mishra, who is no Mehmood or IS Johar, to shoulder a film starring Ranveer Singh. Sanjay’s uniqueness is diffused comedy and his over the top hamming just doesn’t hold sway. The same is genuine of the antics of different comedians like Siddhartha Jadhav and Johnny Lever – all exact actors in their personal right but struggling right here for lack of decent cloth. The openly bright and colorful color scheme jars as nicely.

The quality thing approximately the movie is the tune Current laga re, presenting Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh. The duo display oodles of oomph and chemistry in it and the way we want the equal treatment became given to the relaxation of the film as properly.

Pooja Hegde’s person is stated to be a suspense novelist but all we see of her is a weeping willow who desires to be a mom in any respect prices. Jacqueline Fernandez is visible inside the beginning ten mins and then disappears, only to return inside the last ten. Varun Sharma, who may be relied to provide mild hearted moments is given a dazed expression at some stage in for a few purpose in both his roles. And Ranveer Singh, who become so right with one-liners in Simmba, is perhaps given the most underwritten role (s) of his career. He’s acknowledged for his flamboyance both off and on display screen and it’s odd to peer him in a position which doesn’t play to his strengths.