Atithi Bhooto Bhava is a story of Srikant Shirodkar (Pratik Gandhi), a stand-up comedian who has a blow-warm, blow-bloodless relationship along with her flight attendant girlfriend Netra Bannerjee (Sharmin Segal). Life takes a turn whilst he comes into touch with a Sikh ghost, Makhan Singh (Jackie Shroff). Makhan thinks Srikant is his reincarnated grandfather who surpassed away in 1975. Makhan turned into just a teenager then and had run away to Mumbai as he could not endure the dual lack of his grandfather passing away and his girlfriend getting engaged to someone else. Now, he desires to pass lower back to Mathura to trap a remaining glimpse of his loved, as he feels that is what’s retaining him rooted on the planet. Shrikant takes up the experience along side Netra and his bestie Sucharita (Divinaa Thackur). The avenue experience from Mumbai to UP teaches all 3 friends some essential existence instructions. They get to understand the cost of friendship, of own family, of actual love and emerge as higher humans within the system. Srikant and Netra come nearer as a pair as properly, which might be something that Makhan Singh meant from the begin.

Films with friendly ghosts were made earlier than. Chamatkar (1992) and Phillauri (2017) at once come to thoughts. Atithi Bhooto Bhava form of keeps the legacy. In an generation in which raunchy and lavatory humour holds sway, you smile whilst you see a ghost getting thrown out of a automobile due to the fact he hadn’t placed on a seatbelt. Apart from the light-hearted humour bordering at the stupid, the film is peppered by using homilies on relationships. That too is a gag due to the fact Makhan is repeating matters his grandfather had taught him to a man he believes is his born again grandfather. The movie continues it simple, with Makhan not interfering a good deal and letting the couple iron out the kinks in their dating typically by using themselves. It’s a feel proper movie from start to complete where nice human beings come to be nicer at the quit.

The movie leans closely on Jackie Shroff’s appeal. He’s completely likeable as a pleasant ghost. The guy can absolutely act and performs his character with a mild contact, retaining matters simple, reacting to co-stars and conditions, remaining real to the story throughout. What can one say approximately Pratik Gandhi? He’s a whole actor who no longer simplest modulates his voice well – the younger and older versions sound one of a kind – however also gets both the Punjabi and Marathi accents right. Such is his shape currently that he may want to do no wrong. He stocks an smooth on-display screen camaraderie with Jackie Shroff in the movie, which changed into critical, as he’s shown to be the simplest one who can see the ghost. Sharmin too looks convincing as the female who has a hard time adjusting to her man’s quirks. She and Pratik pop out as a actual couple. Their problems are everyday issues blown out of percentage and the actors supplement each other’s performances. Divinaa Thackur is competent because the expertise high-quality pal.

The movie may want to have extra a laugh with the ghost’s person via using better special effects however didn’t absorb at the possibility. Athithi Bhuto Bhava is not amusing-out-loud comedy but might genuinely bring a smile on your face…